About Us

Andy (Betancore) – I play a Death Knight tank named Betancore on the Argent Dawn server, leading raids and killing bosses with my homies in the Orgrimmar Brewing Co.  I love pugs, for the most part, and reflecting on the finer points of WoW.  I’m also an altaholic, and will post from time to time on healing, my second love.

I’ve been playing off and on since vanilla, though all my experience in vanilla and BC endgame content was on my mage.  I swapped mains eight times all through Wrath, and thus have experience playing just about every role in a raid.  From tank/leader, to raid heals, from all-star Rogue to low man on the meters, I’ve done it all.

IRL, I’m a substitute teacher, tutor, and liberal arts student.  I also dabble in writing, music, and game design occasionally.

Wes (Sharvahn) – I play a fury warrior named Sharvahn, also on Argent Dawn US, as an officer in the Orgrimmar Brewing Co. I’ve been playing MMOs for far too long now, having started way back in EverQuest as a shadowknight tank and beastlord DPS. Lead a few 54 man raids (and back in mah day, we had none of this new-fangled ventrillo!) and pampered my creative side as a roleplayer. As a writer, I’m a storyteller at heart so I am a roleplayer, though don’t let that fool you when it comes to my raider side.

I started Warcraft in Burning Crusade as a hunter, then in Wrath as a death knight tank, moonkin/bear tank, and finally finishing off as a fury warrior, who is my current main today. I’m a heavy theorycrafter and strive to eek out even the tiniest DPS/survivability increase in my toons.

I am forbidden to heal.

In RL, I’m a professional dog trainer and behaviourist. I’ve known Andy for five years now and he’s one of my best friends, even though he likes to steal my food. Aside from dogs and gaming, I spend my time with my bearded dragon, Kallie, and my partner, Adam.


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