RaidTunes: We Are Ready For the Seige

by Andy/Betancore

Nothing says "Death Knight" like Amon Amarth

It all started one fateful night in Eye of Eternity.  It wasn’t my guild’s first Malygos kill, but we were still having problems staying alive.  We were getting pretty frustrated, but decided to give it one more try before calling it a night.

Now, I normally listen to music while raiding, but before this night, I never paid much attention to it.  However, this particular night, I had my music turned up louder than normal to hear a quiet song.  After that song was over, I forgot to turn the volume back down to my normal level.  I have a distinct memory of running to pull the boss, and the second I hit my Icy Touch button, hearing the opening chords to Metallica’s The Judas Kiss blasting through my headphones:

And I said to myself, “If we don’t wipe in the first minute here, this will be epic.”  I dashed back and forth, kiting Malygos as needed, adrenaline pumping through my system.  The music enabled me to shut off the part of me that tends to get distracted, and become a paragon of fast reaction and quick thought.  For me, it made the perfect soundtrack to the fight  Then, to top it all off, Malygos breaking the platform was perfectly timed with the music dropping out for the line “Judas lives recite this vow / I’ve become your new god now,” and the hectic drake riding phase of the fight took place among a shredding solo.  Finally, Malygos died within seconds of the song finishing.  It was the most fun I’d had in game in a long time.  From that day forward, I made it my mission to find the best music to raid to.

And so, in my weekly feature, I’ll highlight a couple of songs that I enjoyed listening to while raiding the previous week.  In the future, I may even post Grooveshark playlists for your listening pleasure!

I would separate my musical tastes into two categories: “Light” and “Heavy.”  For “Light” music, I enjoy a lot of alt-singer/songwriter, folk, indie, reggae, alt-rock, and electronica music.  Metal, industrial, and punk are my favorite “Heavy” genres.  I’ll post recommendations for each, as I’ll listen to one or the other depending on my mood.

Without further ado, here are my song picks for this week:

Light: Silversun Pickups – The Royal We

It was a big progression week for us as a guild, so I pulled out my “seriousface” music.  The determined tone of The Royal We made it the perfect driving force for our first Maloriak kill.  Not to mention how appropriate the lyric “How many times do you want to die?” is.

Heavy: Slayer – Crionics

Ah, classic Slayer.  They shred so hard not even Omnotron could stop them.  The lyrics of this song would probably be more appropriate for a Lich King kill, but I just couldn’t pass up the pure thrashey goodness and melodic solos.  I find that a good solo pulls just the right part of my brain back into the music during a fight, even though I normally don’t like them.

Well, there’s your RaidTunes for the week.  Yeah, it’s only 2 songs right now, but I’ll try to put together a playlist for you next week.  Actually, if you’re looking for a whole night’s worth of raid music this week, most of the songs on both Swoon and Show No Mercy make excellent RaidTunes.  Throw ’em on and kick some ass!  If you have any suggestions for great RaidTunes, drop em in the comments.  -Andy/Betancore


~ by Andy/Betancore on March 22, 2011.

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