Aka’magosh, friends!

Hello and welcome to Stack Shields, where we like to stack shields!  Specifically, Blood Shields.  Well, I like to at least.  I’m Andy, a non-fail Death Knight tank.  Yes, we do exist.  Death Knights were the first tanking class I really got into, and I stuck with Betancore through much of Wrath and into Cataclysm, always in love with Blood’s self-healing flavor.  You can expect posts from me on the ins-and-outs of how I play my DK, which usually involves trying to make my healer feel as obsolete as possible.  DK’s, unique among tanks, have so many tricks up their sleeves that they can survive complications that would normally cause a party wipe.  For this reason, I call Blood my “Igotdis” spec.  As in, “the entire party is dead and the boss is at %30?  Igotdis.”  I’ll also post about my trials and tribulations as a raid “leader” (more on the meaning of those quotation marks later,) the reasons I play WoW, why I like PUGs, and trivialities like the music I prefer while tanking.

I may strive to make myself a bastion of healability (if that is not a word it needs to be,)  but my good friend Wes prefers the primal appeal of hitting things over the head with big sticks.  While Fury Warriors may not be topping the DPS charts right now, Wes puts enough research and number-crunching into his beloved troll Sharvahn to make a facerolling Ret-adin blush.  You can expect high-quality Fury theorycrafting out of him, as well as “kids these days” MMO veteran rants,  why he hates PUGs, and general grumpiness.  I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

So pull up your favorite RSS reader and have a drink on us here in Argent Dawn US’s <Orgrimmar Brewing Co>. Whether we burn steady, flame out, or sputter, it’ll be a hell of a show.


~ by Andy/Betancore on March 18, 2011.

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